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. nearly $1 trillion over the next ten years. president obama will meet with both parties on capitol hill. meanwhile, chairman paul ryan unveiled his budget plan and listen to how ryan describes republican priorities. >> the most important question isn't how we balance the budget, but why. a budget is a means to an end. an end is the well being of the american people. >> the most important question is how we balance the budget and making sure it's not on the backs of working americans. congressman ryan also made an unfortunate slip. >> this to us is something we're not going to give up on because we're not going to give up on destroying the health care system for american people. >> an instant classic. you believe him? chairman ryan's plan to repeal obama care has already been pan ed by one fox news host. another took aim at ryan's budget today. >> paul ryan saying his idea in his budget is to eliminate obama care, that's not practical. even though you might want it, the supreme court has spoken. that's never going to fly. >> i raised the same point yesterday. you're exactly right. how wo
congressman james langford on why that is not good enough for obama. >> plus, should the republican party take a different direction to attract women and minority voters? >> we need to call out the hypocrisy on the left. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> mike: thank you very much and happy st. patrick's day weekend to everybody. i wore the tie just for the occasion. only weekend of the whole year i get to wear it so i hope you like it. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. my first trip to israel occurred nearly 40 years ago in july 1973. just a couple of months before the yom kippur war i was a teenager at the time. i purchase a map and ask the people there to open the map and show me where israel is. israel is not on the map. interesting, isn't it? israelis are asked to make peace with the people who refuse to acknowledge their existences. israel is condemned for its construction of a security wall but until it was erected it was common for terrorists to strap bombs to their bellies, board a l innocent men, women and children. with the construction
a conservative straw poll. can he help resuscitate the grand old party? >>> and does president obama need to use his charm offensive on democrats? our political panel chimes in, including a face that's new to politics. i'm candy crowley. and this is "state of the union." with me now, the leaders of the house intelligence committee, ranking member duck loopersberg and chairman mike rogers. gentlemen, thank you, always nice to be with you. i want to start out with the trip of the. the, one of his goals it to convince the prime minister that the u.s. really will not allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon. he said in an interview recently that the u.s. believes iran is at least a year away from developing nuclear weapon capability. prime minister netanyahu has always had a shorter timetable for that. what accounts for that difference in. >> think about where israel is in the world. egypt is no longer a reliable partner for peace, syria is a mess and getting worse by the day, and the number of weapons systems and jihadists that are flooding syria and have the potential to have those weapons systems t
compared to the obama campaign and the democratic party. digit sal one area. they will put a lot of money and manpower into digital to get their message out more effectively, on the social networks and social media so look for a change in digital, and another thing, this is fascinating, don, for people like you and me who follow this. the chairman talked about changing the primary system. they want a maybe more condensed primary system, over with by april or may and most conventions up. they want to seat republican convention in june or july so the republican nominee will have that money coming to them a lot earlier and want to cut back on the debates. let's be honest, a lot of republicany baits in the last cycle, great for us but not for us as the candidates kept attacking each other. a lot of interesting stuff coming out. will it make a difference? we'll find out in 2016. >> 10 or 11, not 28 debates or so. >> a record amount last time. >> thank you, paul steinhauser, appreciate it. >> thanks, don. >> coming up, on his first sunday as pontiff pope francis made one thing clear. he seems t
a budget plan by a 2:1 margin. they plan very similar to that ryan proposal. yet when asked which party they trusted more on budget issues voters trusted the democrats by 35%. it is a bigger margin than the margin of victory for president obama in november. the republicans 30%. that is on trust, that is as they say in the trade a big deal. the national republican committee today issued a scathing self critique of the republican party recent failures focus groups describe republicans as narrowminded, out of touch. $1.2 billion last year in the last presidential election alone and the future of the g.o.p. understanding you can't get it done just with money. as a result, the republican national committee has decided to pour resources into its ground game targeting youth and women and hispanics and other minorities while focusing on making the party's message more inclusive and open to different views. i don't know what they paid for the study, but that is kind of vague, don't you think? he had this to say to me last year. >> we can have all the voter contact in the world, but if it is not
the u.s. influence diminished. this is a historic visit for president obama to go over there. prime minister netanyahu, his party did not farewell in the last elections. both men seem to be tied up with a lot of doe mostic affairs. what is the sense with president obama coming over there and he ran the central issue for common israelis these days. >> well, the bond between the united states and israel is still very strong even if the personal chemistry between netanyahu and president obama is not strong and it has been widely reported they don't have a very good working relationship. one of the main reasons for coming not just to israel, but jordan and the west bank right now. that was for the united states to shore up friends. the united states still as a friend of israel. if you look back at the larger regional issues, the chaos around us. the united states is worried about its friends and that israel is surrounded by an increasingly hostile region and egypt is no longer a reliable ally and jordan could face their own internal threats and syria on the border is in a state of chaos
on a party line 10-8 vote. it heads to the full senate where it's likely to be defeated. >>> president obama says the u.s. will not wait for iran to develop a nuclear weapon before acting. the renewed comments from the president come as iran releases this video of a purported missile launch. iran has been the subject of harsh economic sanctions. but the actions have not prompted military intervention. >> now, we think that it would take over a year or so for iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon. but obviously, we don't want to cut it too close. and what we're going to be doing is to continue to engage internationally with iran. understanding that we've set up the toughest sanctions ever. it's having a significant effect. >> the president heads to israel next week where officials there have repeatedly called on the white house to establish a clear line that iran cannot cross if it wants to avoid war. >>> a powerful u.s. senator is the subject of a federal investigation. this morning's "washington post" is reporting that a jury is looking into actions about mendez. he is come under scruti
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folks in the republican party, they like it that this guy has upstaged obama on a republican agenda. >> he's a very bright, good man. anyway, thank you so much, peter barnard. thank you, wayne slater. i think we have a tough bake-off coming between jeb and chris christie. >>> up next, she's got the airwaves at fox news channel. used to. that's not stopping sarah palin from speaking her mind. she's talking about people who work hard. what does she do for a living? i keep asking. what's her job? this is "hardball," the place for politics. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure. >>> back to "hardball." now to the "sideshow." first we welcome back sarah palin, weighing in on big news that happened yesterday. not a
the positionings working. 69% of new jersey voters say he's handling it right. isn't this proof for your party it's time to abandon the obama care boogieman? >> first of all, i have a great respect for chris choreograph. paul ryan has to represent the views of all of the republicans in the congress. again, especially from new york, i think that once you get at a table and the negotiation is going on, you take it from there. some interesting video we saw this week in the boxing ring. you landed some pretty good shots. here you are. you did land some pretty good shots. here we go, we're getting in the ring. and this is good. this is good. i'm impressed. you don't have any bruises in this. when you got in there, who are you imagining punching that you deal with every day? >>. >> i would say maybe the reporters. i'll leave it at that. >> there was a few people i had in mind. but i was trying to stay alive. >> thank you, erin. appreciate it. >> still out front, lance armstrong says he is just like bill clinton. >>> and rolling in the so-called cannibal cop case has some legal analysts asking can you g
elected on a 365 electoral vote by barack obama. this will be barack obama's second mid-term election, he's not on the ballot, different dynamic and all of those people are in states that are at best, sort of toss-ups between the two parties. louisiana, charlie can speak better than i can about that, being his home state. but louisiana, south dakota, montana, west virginia. those aren't really toss-ups in federal reser federal races any more. that's four off the top. put arkansas in there, that's five. >> it will be fascinating, especially to see what candidates end up being nominated. that's the big word at the nrsc, they don't want to have to deal with the todd akins they had to before. charlie cook, chris cillizza, thanks so much for joining us. >>> up next, is the sequester here to stay? we'll talk budget politics with congressman chris van holland. >>> and on the ten-year anniversary on the war in iraq, bombs are still exploding in baghdad. join andrea tomorrow and thursday live from jerusalem as she travels with president obama and secretary kerry, you don't want to miss that, you'r
obama fatigue. lou: can i say, watching the republican party with all prevail -- tre veil, i think that everyone better give up on idea of doing anything with the democrats and letting the economy doing the intellectual heavy lifting for the republican party, they better get ready to go. because, this is not going to be a default election, just as 2012 was. i have to -- i hate to do it, but we have to right there. anyway, thank yo thank you very, that is it for us, we hope you will be us tomorrow, congressman frank wolf of join us. on what is going on in the obama justice department, from new york. york. >> you know every liberal's dream that government seizing your money out right, there is nothing you can do about it. now no cyprus they could find out the hard way, this tiny island nation sent a tsunami shockwave to the rest of the world, keeping the banks closed until they find a more palatable way to. welcome i am neil cavuto, you got 10 grand in a bank account. how about waking up tomorrow morning and then finding a thousand bucks missing, right off the top, does that sound ov
legislative action. but i think they also recognize from president obama to vice president biden to jay carney, they recognize the political realities, not just in the republican party, but in the democratic party. >> and kelly o'donnell, the news today here with cpac in town and the conservatives coalescing and their own divisions, not inviting chris christie. not inviting bob mcdonald, and yes, mitt romney and we're expecting him to be getting up any minute and speak, his first speech since the defeat and now we have the man who some would say was second in line to become his running mate, and senator portman. let's talk about senator portman. let's talk about his big news today. >> who is known for his economic positions and skills in that area, has never been one of the republicans who talks about social issues a lot and he has come out to say that he now will be supportive of gay marriage and in great degree, that is the personal journey he has gone through. because his son, will, told jane his wife and senator portman about being gay. and they reviewed it in sort of their own hearts and
willing to compromise. we'll see if we can do that. >> president obama shows a little optimism on capitol hill after meeting with both parties. light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps. this is "way too early" about to make a compromise this weekend. compromise our livers, that is. st. patty's day, not far away. glad you're with us on this friday. we have a lot to talk about, including a heated exchange between ted cruz and veteran dianne feinstein, over gun control that was described as patronizing. >>> and a terrible day for jpmorgan, as a senate report accuses ceo jamie dimon of hiding the bank's loss. >>> according to the national journal, the 2016 republican presidential primaries are officially -- unofficially, under way. rising gop stars marco rubio and rand paul kicked things off at the first day of cpac, each providing a vision of the future for their party. the junior senator from florida was the first to address the crowd, speaking about fiscal responsibility, and the need to defend social values. >> we believe in solving our debt problem. because it's hurting job creation. the
fan of these guys either. i want to talk to you about the democratic party and the president. president obama met with senate democrats today. according to politico, i found this disturbing, he warned them social insurance programs including social security and medicare would need to be cut in some way in order to keep them going. now, we've discussed this before. the president also said republicans would have to agree for more revenue before he would agree to changing the programs. what do you think of that particular bargain sir? do social security programs need to be cut? >> the answer is they don't. social security has almost $2 trillion in the bank. it is the largest government fund in the entire world. that's what they've got sitting in the bank and that's what the rest of the government and the american people owe that fund. under current law, social security can pay out out 100% of its benefits for the next 25 years which is probably longer than i'm going to meed it. after that point 85% to 95% of its benefits, a minor tweak like for instance raising the cap on who ha
asia pacific. he met last month with u.s. president barack obama. they agreed that kmilted to agreeing all tariffs is not a requirement for joining talks. members of the democratic party signed off on thursdays on a plan to protect tariffs on rice, white and three other agriculture products. the prime minister is expected to come out to explain his position on the free trade deal. he can expect to face some criticism. there just as many oppose the tpp as those that support it. >> tell us more about that. the transpacific partnership is designed to create a free trade zone for countries around the pacific rim. negotiations started in 2010 among eight countries. 11 countries are now taking part. the total population of these nations is about 650 million. that accounts for about a third of the world's gross domestic product. the country's taking part in the talks hope to conclude the negotiations by the end of this year. if japan decides to take part, what would be the impact on i wants economy. there are advantages and disadvantages. here are some of the major issues. u.s. ta
, republicans today released their plan to give this party a makeover. the rnc chairman says the party needs to address its problems of getting its message across. this new thinking started after mitt romney's loss to president obama in the november election. so what is the grand plan? mark preston joining us. mark, do you know? they say they don't want to have an image of stuffy old men, is that it? >> that is it. let the recalibration begin, suzanne. you know, you and i have heard this time and time again after every presidential election you hear the losing political party talk about how they need to change their message. but reince priebus, who is the chairman of the republican national committee, suzanne, says that he has really got to recalibrate what they're doing. he spent the last several months right now putting together a proposal that would not only overhaul the mechanics of how republicans pick their presidential nominee, but would also overhaul the message. he's talking about spending $10 million and dedicating that money to put people on the ground, paid workers in the communi
. at the last few gatherings of c- pac, the focus was on taking back the white house from president obama. but with last november's defeat of mitt romney, this key bloc of conservative enthusiasts has set its sights on a new goal: reshaping and reenergizing the republican party. romney offered his own assessment today, in his first public address since his concession speech on election night. >> each of us in our own way is going to have to step up and meet our responsibilities. i'm sorry i won't be your president, but i will be your co-worker and i'll work shoulder-to-shoulder alongside you. ( applause ) >> reporter: romney may be stepping away from the stage, but his running mate wisconsin congressman paul ryan is back in the thick of fiscal fights on capitol hill. today, he addressed the deficit. >> by living beyond our means, government is sending us a message. it is saying, if you plan ahead, if you make sacrifices for your kids, if you save, you're a sucker. it is brazenly stealing from our children and our young adults and it has to stop. >> reporter: amid the stickers, tchotchkes
and challenged president obama questioning his demonization of the tea party. it's no surprise that this principled fighter, ryan rhodes, is from iowa. [applause] there's another iowan, congressman steve king -- [applause] who challenges president obama and nancy pelosi on capitol hill and defends the tea party. and for this karl rove threatened to primary him. >> boo! >> tea party patriots gave cindy pew the nickname sunshine cindy because she is one of the most cheerful, happy patriots we know. congresswoman michele bachmann inspires -- [cheers and applause] this mother of two to stand on principle and run for elected office. today cindy is a state representative in minnesota. [applause] wayne hertzog organized a coalition in the unlikely deep blue state of washington. they went door to door talking about taxes and government spending, and they flipped their state senate to a fiscally-responsible majority caucus. [cheers and applause] willing the torch of liberty, the constitution in our country perish or endure? if we stand and speak for our principles, if we show americans
] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> president obama met with senate democrats to discuss issues including the budget. party leaders spoke with reporters about their differing budget proposals. >> we are seeing a contrast. the present -- the president is reaching out to republicans. and the senate, we are working out a bill to advance a compromise that will protect middle-class families. tomorrow, senator murray will introduce her bill that represent a balanced approach to what we need to do with the economy. on the other side, house republicans are moving further away from a compromise. house republicans are advancing the ryan republican budget that is more extreme and propaganda that we have seen in the past. the ryan republican budget slices critical programs and set of asking the wealthiest to pay more. he is going after education, healthcare, research, prisoner preventative health, and much more. instead of ending whistle corporate tax loopholes, their budget and medicare. our economy is poised to grow. february was the strongest month of job growth we have
spending are not president obama's top priorities. then it was across the hill and across party lines to meet with house democrats. >> economy is trying to give us signs it wants to launch. the president wants to be there to make sure that the 535 elected members in congress. and the individual american people elected to be president of the united states are ready to launch with the economy. >> also today, treasury secretary jack lew talked about the possibility of finding bipartisan compromise. >> i think there is a growing sense that everyone knows where the balance fair deal is. everyone knows we need to get there. they just don't know how to get there. you have to start. >> today, as far as discussions about reinstating some of the white house tours ts in, in the briefing jay carney says there has been discussions about trying to get specific groups in. no decision on that point and no plans to reverse the overall decision to suspend tours for now. >> bret: shannon bream live on the white house lawn. thank you. the dow's run is now in double digits. the industrial average made it
for wildfires. >>> sarah palin does some standup. the tea party darling jokes at a conservative conference, comparing president obama to bernie madoff, and drinks a big gulp to poke fun at the soda ban from mayor bloomberg. >> bloomberg is not around. our big gulp is safe. >> could this be a signal that she'll be running for the office again? >>> and home on the range. i do some riding and roping at the world's largest rodeo. got him! so, can this city girl be turned into a cowgirl? >>> and happy st. patrick's day, everyone. to quote the famous proverb, may the luck of the irish be with you. our bagpipers are from the first battalion, 69th infantry of the new york national guard. they'll be here throughout the show. we're also going to have irish dancers and dan abrams. are you going to be dancing as well? >> we got these great, cute, amazing dancers. then, dan abrams. >> feel free to dance. >> during the week, they have the deejays, we get the bagpipes and the dancers. >> i like the bagpipes. dan abrams filling in for the vacationing dan harris. ginger and i wri
that the obama campaign and the democratic party has a decisive advantage right now, it's not buy any stretch of the imagination an impossible one to overcome. >> nikko, in the simplest of terms here, for folks watching at home, especially, explain to all of us what the dnc has been able to do with technology, that the rnc has not been able to do. >> sure. that's a great question. i would say that it kind of boils down to three buckets. the first bucket is actually not so much about technology, and more about culture and organization. the dnc and the obama campaign has a very fast-moving culture, a very relatively flat organizational structure. they're able to make decisions very quickly on twitter speed, not on tv speed. not on traditional political campaign speed. and they're also able to just rapidly test enormous volumes of messages on the internet to figure out what's working. it was not uncommon for the obama campaign to test the subject line of an e-mail 10, 20, 30 times to figure out what subject line was going to have the best response. that's less about -- well, that's equal parts t
with the other parties there. obama is coming into a situation where there is not a huge amount that can really get done with a new government because they're still sorting themselves out and getting in a position. is much weakened from where he was before the election. he has fewer members of his own party and the parliament is in a situation where it is not entirely clear what the way forward is going to be. that is what obama is coming into, as he goes into these meetings. , with politico. thanks for your time this morning. guest: thank you. host: president obama and the prime minister will give you -- will be giving a joint press conference. look for coverage on minister ofrael defense from 2007 until this week wrote a piece in today's wall street journal. host: back to our discussion here for the 10th anniversary of the iraq war. we are getting your thoughts this morning. ohio, iraq veteran. caller: good morning. host: what are your thoughts? caller: i am here. host: we're listening. you're on the air. ander: i was there in 2005 from 2006-2007. host: we're listening. --ler: it
a nice party with president obama, fed that fat face of his and then came back to the floor and made an issue about it. i understand that john mccain is a big supporter of the war on terror. i am as well. i understand a guy who has been been through wraar. i have been to iraq, i've been to afghanistan. my father was killed in vietnam. i get the concept of standing up for the military, protecting our country. john mccain, if you want to protect the country, how about this, how about sticking with your pledge to build the damn fence. then we will talk! are you here? don't be afraid to get a little rowdy. make some noise. there we go! >> that is what we need. >> by the way, i'm done. >> come on back, rusty. i do want to move to that dinner that you referred to and this whole debate about the spending and the budget and the like. let's see if we can roll the clip that is president obama -- i wish it was senator obama. >> are you referring to michelle four years from now? >> be careful what you say. let's roll the clip on president obama. >> i think what is important to recognize is that
trillion in debt? partisanship. [laughter] at don't see how you can't do it with one party alone. obama has his own fair share but we cannot throw too many rocks. it is out of hand we have to see how the movie ends. what does it take to get congress to put on the brakes to look at revenue and entitlement that reasonable people will. if i thought we could do nothing to never make anybody mad, i would choose that passed. i like that path and i don't see how we stop the process until we deal with entitlements or until we deal with revenue. if you don't do anything with entitlements until we deal with rebel behalf some of you will never deal with entitlements no matter what. some will entice you to the table but there is a growing consensus maybe now is what we do something big. with medicare, how much can we afford to subsidize? with 2010 and 2011 it through all wars combined coming is a good program in jeopardy i wish the committee would answer the question doing nothing on social security and medicare come at what point* in time do they fail that you have to intervene to raise taxes or cut b
obama admitny would have been tied for the gay vote. their gay votes on the table, if the party were only open, warm, welcoming, as welcoming as bob portman was and is to his own son. >> what i would say probably there are votes of women and -- >> other americans -- >> would say, oh, the party isn't as far right on the social issue that i care about as i thought it was. buzz feed has an exclusive and a very choice quote from the man who just drops these quotes like golden eggs. he is a, he is veritable hen of -- i'm mixing my metaphors. but frost or freeze coming up to buzz feed yesterday. saying i've said before, the number one thing that we have to work on is protect the number one thing we have to work on is protecting the gay community from sharia law. now i read this to one great, foster freeze is for gay rights. he understands that gays in america on the global stage face threats that much of the rest of the world don't or other communities don't. but the sharia law piece? >> i think a lot of conservatives are looking for a way to get from where they are, to being pro gay and f
of the obama administration. one of the interesting things she did say, the republican party, don, needs to be able to look at each other and while they may not all agree, they have to stay together. a poignant moment that will be overlooked and as they talk about being a big ten party sarah palin in some ways delivered that message. >> thank you very much. coming up on half past the hour, i want to get a look at your headlines on cnn. a pregnant coach at the university lacrosse team was killed today when the team bus crashed in southern pennsylvania. police say the bus driver when it veered off the highway and hit a tree. the lacrosse team from remember seton hill university and christina quigley, the 30-year-old coach died from her injuries at a hospital. quigley was six months pregnant. her unborn baby did not survive. >>> dante stallworth is in stable condition tonight after being seriously burned in a hot air balloon accident. he was hurt when his balloon crashed into power lines earlier today. a female companion was hurt, too, and also in stable condition. his agent spoke with us e
administration ever. barack obama, you lied." as republicans look ahead to 20-16, whether the party can redefine its message remains to be seen. i'm cristina mutchler kron4 news pennsylvania turnpike. the team was headed to millersville pennsylvania for an afternoon game. the bus was carrying 23 people. many of whom are being treated for minor to major injuries. >> two people -- including n-f-l player donte stallworth -- are hospitalized after their hot air balloon crashed into power lines. it all happened this morning near miami florida. according to stallworth's lawyer -- stallworth suffers from severe burns but is in stable condition. there was a third passenger on board the hot air balloon but they escaped unscathed. the cause of the crash is currently under investigation. stallworth's agent added that he should be able to play again. rapper lil wayne continues to recover from a seizure in a los angeles hospital. the multiplatinum rapper was hospitalized yesterday after suffering from a siezure. rumors swirled yesterday that the rapper was close to death but both lil wayne and his reps confi
. president, should have started with yours. >> reporter: serving plenty of attacks on president obama. >> he's considered a good politician. which, is like saying bernie madoff was a good salesman. >> reporter: criticizing even her own party's post-election efforts. >> we're not here to rebrand the party. we're here to rebuild a country. >> reporter: which led some to wonder, is she running in 2016? >> sarah palin enjoys the perks of being famous, i don't think that she enjoys the scrutiny that comes with running for office. >> reporter: but she enjoyed poking fun at politicians, like new york mayor michael bloomberg. >> bloomberg is not around. our big gulp is safe. we're cool. >> reporter: if you thought she was lost in the political wilderness, you're wrong. >> sarah palin is better than any other republican politician at presenting herself as an outsider. she's very good at running against washington, d.c. >> washington politicians have a bad habit on focusing of the process of politics instead of the purpose of politics which is to lead and to serve. >> reporter: this morning, there's a
where we talk about 85 billion, president obama said he was willing to deal with democrats in his own party who did not want to touch entitlements, he said he would be willing to talk to people in his party that did not think that medicare should be touched. why smart with nonstarter -- why start with nonstarters? maybe, to rick a point, this is a starting gate, they have come out with plans 24 hours apart, different plans, but, i've seen how this goes. maybe this is an attempt to find a meeting in the middle, i guess, scott martin, where is that middle? >> that was my question to you, where is that middle? i have to bet rick a sugary style new york drink here. >> he is fit as a fiddle. >> you have not corrupted him yet, the president loves murray plan, i think there is no question, with regard to the attack on medicare, and medicaid, you have to go the number is to big 59%, because those are the big ones, you are not going to make progress if you don't touch the big elephants in the room. >> you do have to go after the big ones, but there are two big ones, entitlements but what is th
. that puts her in line with other leaders of the democratic party including president obama, and, yes, her husband. it's adding fuel to speculation she may be laying groundwork for a presidential bid in 2016. i know you think she will. >> if she's healthy. >> if her health stands, yes. >> i think she will. >> yeah. >>> tomorrow, pope francis will be formally installed as head of the roman catholic church. the president of the pope's native argentina will be there. christina hernandez kreshner met with him today. fernandez said she asked the pope to intervene with argentina's dispute over the falkland islands. >> joe biden is representing the united states as the pope's installation and is squeezing in diplomacy, meeting today with the italian prime minister. >> the pope himself is delighting crowds in a rare move for the pontiff who spontaneously left vatican yesterday to greet well wishers outside. that was a nervous moment for his security personnel. >> very nervous. that scares whatever the security detail is to this impromptu walk about is telling us a lot, though, about the new pope's
china, but given their track record likely source of it, and the obama administration doing very little about it. >> millions, perhaps billions of times a day. >> thinks very much. president obama took yet another trip to capitol hill, meeting with lawmakers from both parties today for talks on a potential budget deal. first a luncheon republican lawmakers who says lobster was on the menu. later in the afternoon the president got together witness house democrats. he white house says, the goal here, final a balanced approach, combining tax hikes and spending cuts. both sides say they're far from a long-term deal, notwithstanding what the media is calling the president's charm offensive. mike, what are the president and his allies saying about possible budget? >> we're told by a source that president obama told senate republicans, quote, our task is to find common ground, and send a signal that business is on the move. we're told the president expressed interest in new tax revenue and also tax reform. as for senate democrats, their leaders are blasting the proposal that house republicans
of the rnc slams the party as outreach. i'll ask the panel if the party can reconnect with minority voters. and later, not everyone is happy with president obama's final four pick. we'll look at the brackets ahead. share your thoughts with us on facebook and on twitter using the hash tag twault show. centru. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. watch this -- alakazam! ♪ [ male announcer ] staples has always made getting office supplies easy. ♪ another laptop? don't ask. disappear! abracadabra! alakazam! [ male announcer ] and now we're making it easier to get everything for your business. and for my greatest trick! enough! [ male announcer ] because whatever you need, we'll have it or find it, and get it to you fast. staples. that was easy. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2
. >> sarah palin and the republican party choose style over substance at this weekend's conclusion to cpac. i'm thomas roberts and this is "way too early." we thank you for being up with us on this monday, march 18th. president obama's first trip to israel, will he be able to mend fences with prime minister benjamin netanyahu? european stocks plunge after a new bailout measure sparks fears of a run on the banks. >>> first we get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. president obama's renewed push for a grand bargain may be showing some early signs of paying off, at least with one top republican. senator bob corker of tennessee says he could envision raising tax revenue if democrats embrace big changes to medicare and social security. corker's position on sunday puts him at odds with other members of his party including house speaker john boehner who's ruling out the prospect of any new taxes. >> i think there by the way is a chance on a deal. i know the president is saying the right things and we have an opportunity over the next four to five months. i think republic
, president obama headed back to the capitol today. this time to meet with a tougher audience after meeting with senate democrats yesterday. now house republicans, members of his own party are expressing doubt about how effective he will be at this. also senate democrats releasing their own budget for the first time in about four years, calling for a trillion dollars in new revenues by closing loopholes, but no significant changes to medicare. democrats have rejected the republican plan released yesterday that would have cut the deficit by nearly $5 trillion by repealing president obama's health care law and making changes to those under 54. the one budget we have now to see from the president. the white house says it won't be ready until april 8th, about two months late, richard. >> danielle leigh watching those budget proposals. we'll see what happens. thank you so much. >>> turning now to a bizarre and gruesome story. new york's so-called cannibal on cop is facing life in prison after his conviction for conspiracy to kidnap, cook and eat women. the jury decided that gilberto valle was no
in the republican party, for example, calling president obama a socialist, the whole birther movement and embrace of donald trump during the presidential election, doesn't that need to end if african-americans are going to feel welcome in the tent? >> you're absolutely correct, carol. we're not here to make excuses. you are absolutely correct that tone matters. we've heard that throughout your listening sessions around the country with african-americans, with asians, with hispanic. we need to do a better job in communicating and controlling that tone and as a national party we'll do that. state parties will do that. and i think i'm excited about where we go from here. >> do you think that republicans will reject people like donald trump because he still embraces the birther issue. >> that gets back to reagan 11th commandment. we can agree on 80% of the things. he's not our 20% enemy. we need everyone. we have a big tent. we want to welcome everyone in. as a party we're the ones that should be leading and we should set that tone and we will do that in our activity. >> if donald trump said what he
obama, you lied. >> i think it's about dignity and respect. >> so this go-round, he's got the rifle, i've got the rack. >>> we begin with the republican party facing a serious case of the mondays. after a weekend carouse iing at cpac, no doubt downing a few in honor of st. patrick, today came the reckoning with the revelation of their own autopsy on what went badly wrong in 2012. this morning, it fell to rnc chair, reince priebus to give his party an uncompromising look in the rearview mirror. >> our message was weak. our ground game was insufficient. we weren't inclusive. we were behind in both data and digital. and our primary and debate process needed improvement. >> yes, mr. priebus presided over the party for all of that and he remains in charge for the release of the savage and scolding document, "the growth and opportunity project." gop. get it? a blistering report based on 52,000 voter contacts. and the respondents apparently didn't mince their words. >> focus groups described our party as narrow minded. out of touch. and, quote, stuffy old men. >> by the way, it's reince prieb
americans well know, president obama is trying to fundamentally change the u.s.a. he sees our system as basically unfair. and wants to provide more services and money to those who don't have very much. the republican party says the president's social justice outlook is damaging the freezing rain structure of the country. high taxation and high debt are holding back the economy and the g.o.p. believes mr. obama is creating a nation at war with itself. the affluent vs. the nonaffluent. over the weekend senator ted cruze of texas, a conservative, delivered a very emotional speech at cpac. >> my father came from cuba. he had been in prison. he had been tortured in cuba. and he came to texas with nothing, with 100 in his underwear. didn't speak a word of english. washed dishes making 50 cents an hour. in someone had came up to that 18-year-old kid avenue as he was washing dishes and suggested to him that 55 years hence his son would be sworn into office as a united states senator representing the great state of texas. [ applause ] that would have been unimaginable. >> now mr. cruze says h
if my mom could have homeschooled president obama? [laughter]i will be the first to tell you, i love the republican party. let me be clear. our cause here today is not about saving equality, it's about saving a nation is saving the idea of america. thehe nation and saving idea of america. how do we do that? i have good news and bad news. the bad news is that i believe we as a people are less free today than we were four years ago. with this administration in the white house, we will probably continue on that trend for the next three and a half years. that i believes states have an amazing opportunity, but it's a choice. we can choose to join the collectivism, groupthink mentality that is going on in washington or we can place our own path. states like florida can take destiny into their own hands. we can embrace free markets, embrace individual liberty, and put a flag down and establish pockets of freedom all over america. we can build our own atlantis. everyone is so focused on this town and what happens here in washington. but i'm here to tell you is that the real battle is for fre
, of argument and crisis instead of productivity and movement forward. >> paul: president obama sounding a bipartisan town in washington. with the sequester two weeks old and his numbers dipping. they're looking at many and meeting with the house and senate from both parties. so is outreach sincere and how should republicans respond. we're back with dan henninger and peggy noonan. dan, two weeks ago the president was attacking republicans for these supposedly horrible spending cuts and now he's reaching out to them. >> well, what i make of the change in strategy, the republicans called his bluff and let the sequester happen and the sky didn't fall. a couple of things did happen his approval rating dropped 12 points among women and the handling of the economy is a dead heat with the republicans. he doesn't have to run for reelection again, but a lot of democrats do and if you're a democrat who needs to get reelected you're getting very nervous and i think the democratic elites in washington have conveyed to the president this isn't working. you've got to do business with these people. >>
, the need to check president obama's background? priebus talks about getting the true nature of the party out to the public. he says it's been a communications problem. wasn't the most excellent communication of all during the election year that tape of mitt romney talking to rich people in florida about the people, the 47%, who aren't rich? priebus talks about outreach to the young, yet it was his party that opposed issues important to younger voters. marriage equality, abortion rights, gun safety. and he's still talking, actually pushing big tax cuts for the rich and cuts in medicare and medicaid that affect the middle class and poor. what a strange thing it is to hear reince priebus talking about building bridges when he was the one with his hands on the detonator? former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is with us as well as managing editor of the grio joy reid. i'm just wondering, why would a political party believe a new fr strategy would cover up for its policies? >> it makes no sense at all. first of all, their policies are bankrupt. they're the exact same, and they haven't change
to do build our party. >> reporter: a pew survey shows six in ten americans think the g-o-p is out of touch. exit polls showed president obama won overwhelmingly among minority voters. >> the point simply is: they're trying to get a facelift when in fact this party needs a transplant. >> reporter: part of the plan of action: a 10 million dollar minority outreach program. likely in hopes of avoiding election season moments likes's romney at the naacp. >> i'm going to eliminate every non essential expensive program i can find that includes obama care (crowd boos) >> reporter: also on the table:remember all those republican debates? are you just going to keep talking? >> yes sir. >> or are you going to let me finish what i have to say >> reporter: the plan is to: -limit them. shorten the primary calendar. and move up the party's convention date some republicans say this report is an acknowledgement of issues. >> it's a start. is it the magic formula, the silver bullet to start winning elections? no. the bottom line: modernize the message. >> catherine: more bay area news --
comes from the hugo chavez sean penn wing of the radical democratic party. did you know thomas e perez is poised to become the next labor secretary? when we return, battling it it out over the controversial obama nominee. then, outrage over the new show "the bible" with record ratings. some saying one character, that one there who plays a devil in this series looks like obama. what do you say? straight ahead. ♪ [ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you h heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it i [ man ] so i used mineo get a whole new perspective. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] earn points with the citi thankyou card and redeem them for just about anything. visit to apply. and redeem them for just about anything. hey, buddy? oh, hey,
alleging intimidation by members of the new black panther party. but after president obama's election, the case was dropped against three out of four of the defendants. critics accused the department's political leadership of being involved. the report out this week found when perez testified before the civil rights commission on why the charges were dropped, he did not give the whole story. not because he was misleading the commissioners but because he didn't have complete information. the inspector general's office didn't find anything wrong with perez's role in the new black panther case but did recognize a deep ideological polarization within the doj's voting rights unit. under both the obama and bush administrations. >> there are two things. one, this predates mr. perez heading the civil rights division and, two, the attorneys that were making the decisions there were the career attorneys. >> reporter: perez's defenders say he has been working hard to clean things up. >> we believe tom perez has restored the integrity back to the entire division, including voting rights. >> and a
obama campaign manager david cluff says he is done with running presidential campaigns but note to biden. >> she is in both parties right now. by far i think the most interesting candidate. probably the strongest candidate. >> at this weekend's cpac, professional provocateur ann coulter hurled insults at chris christie, who was not invited to attend. >> even cpac had to cut back on its speakers this year by about 300 pounds. >>> business mogul and reality tv star donald trump told the cpac crowd what he thought about immigration reform. >> you know that the 11 million illegals, even if given the right to vote, you know you're going to have to do what's right. but the fact is, 11 million people will be voting democratic. >> and now to karl rove versus sarah palin. the former alaska governor who resigned mid-way through her first term all but called rove by his name with this political dig. >> the architects can head on back to -- [ cheers and applause ] they can head on back to the great lone star state and put their name on some ballot. >> rove wasted no time hitting back at palin. >> i
tournament. do you think the students were happy? the victory at the viewing party, the games beat tennessee state 67-64 and now they will play memphis in the morning. president barack obama has weighed in on the women's ncaa tournament and president barack obama picked second seed cal as one of his four schools to reach the women's' final four. it happens in fresno. >>> 6:48 is the time. sal, it is a great month for basketball >> it is a great month but very distracting for some of us. >>> i would like to go to the maps, boy, that was quick, westbound 92, they just got a new crash reported a minute ago. thank you, westbound 92 at the toll plaza, we just got word of a new crash, they are blocking one of the fast track lanes, westbound 92 right at the san mateo toll plaza, a brand-new crash was reported and chp is not even there yet and if it does it will cause a big problem. northbound 280 and on the corner it is stop and go. we have a 20 minutes delay here at the toll plaza and we have talked about the problems near the walnut creek fender-bender so use care as you do. let's go to steve. >>
party, the games beat tennessee state 67-64 and now they will play memphis in the morning. president barack obama has weighed in on the women's ncaa tournament and president barack obama picked second seed cal as one of his four schools to reach the women's' final four. it happens in fresno. >>> 6:48 is the time. sal, it is a great month for basketball >> it is a great month but very distracting for some of us. >>> i would like to go to the maps, boy, that was quick, westbound 92, they just got a new crash reported a minute ago. thank you, westbound 92 at the toll plaza, we just got word of a new crash, they are blocking one of the fast track lanes, westbound 92 right at the san mateo toll plaza, a brand-new crash was reported and chp is not even there yet and if it does it will cause a big problem. northbound 280 and on the corner it is stop and go. we have a 20 minutes delay here at the toll plaza and we have talked about the problems near the walnut creek fender-bender so use care as you do. let's go to steve. >>> well, some rain overnight, not
without going bankrupt. some are calling president obama's debt crisis. he tried pitching lowering cost of entitlement in exchange for new taxes. despite reports the meetings are just for show. party leaders are optimistic. >> they were inspiring optimistic realistic and called for unit and invited any thoughts we had before going forward. >> it was a candid exchange with a number of our members asking questions of the president. as you can image talked about all different issues confronting us with considerable proportion of time transcended issue of time that is our deficit and debt. >> our nation's debt $16 trillion. >> it is time now to brew on this. here's what we would like you to brew on today. a recent report found that more companies are turning to tracking devices to monitor employee's habits to find out how they are interacting with co-workers. bank of america did this when team members talked to each other often. one ceo persworker said they co be recorded by watching movements>> or reading e-mails. >> companies putting sensors on employees to track their every move? is this
the polls say. i mean don't tell me republicans are the party of millionaires and billionaires when obama's campaign arm is charging people half a million dollars for a meeting over near the white house. [applause] we all know so-called wall street street reforms are embraced by wall street but feared by main street. fortune 500 ceo's embrace his tax hikes while small businesses shutter their windows. we're for millionaires and billionaires? come on. don't tell me democrats are the ones looking out for working families. the only thing this administration's economic policies have accomplished when it comes to class is to insure that the poor stay poor. [applause] s and that the middle class lose their ability to become rich. and that the richest among us are forever insulated, forever insulated by a government that protects them from failure. ladies and gentlemen, never before has there been so little risk that rich could become poor, or that poor could become rich. don't tell me democrats are the party of compassion. if you ask me, the liberal idea of helping the poor was to lot more like
's not good enough for you? >> we can get into this. generally in washington, both parties, especially during the bush administration and especially more during the obama administration, pushing everything to future generations. if you're going to push everything to the future generations, it's time we stand up for ourselves and have someone in the future generations stand up and lead now. if you're going to push everything on us, punt all the problems to us, we're going to stand up and say, that's not right, not fair, not moral. the fact of the matter is the interest payments on the debt, alone, are going to bankrupt us. talking about going from $250 billion a year which we pay on interest now to $1 trillion a year ten years down the road. where are we going to get the $750 billion? >> so your solution is immediate austerity, cut everything? >> no. you know, if we were actually to freeze government spending now we'd have a balanced budget in four years according to cbo. >> you support the rand paul approach which would be to balance the budget miraculously in five years? >> i don't thing it'
're communicating our message to voters. if we're not, the obama campaign did an incredible job defining mitt romney. if we were the party of the rich, that was basically six months of heavy advertising by the democrats. i think it was important to reposition ourselves. to talk to voters clearly about what we stand for. >> it sounds like what we're hearing, the mention is fine for the most part. no major problems with the message. it is how we are reaching voters and how we are delivering that mention. is that a fair assessment? >> i wouldn't say, there are things we can do to talk about our policies better. there are ways we can improve our message. he didn't talk so much about policies and i thought that's a clear point that needs to be made with regard to this rollout. there are a lot of tactical changes we need to make as a party and a movement to talk to people in a more clear way. >> save immigration. we'll talk about that. one of the major recommendations from the report has to do with the primary process. the rnc wants to move toward a shorter primary season. fewer debates in the last cycle.
of the tea party. all the placards up there, the hitler mustaches, the black face, if you will, superimposed on the face of barack obama. these obvious racial things that keep popping up in the visuals. what does your study tell you about the nature of the racial peace here of the tea party? >> well, thanks for having me, chris. my study suggests that there is a strain of racism in the tea party going all of the way back to when it began in 2010. there's definitely a racist strain but it goes beyond racism, homophobia as well, chris. >> let's talk about how they fit together. >> sure. >> is it a resumption of the old south, the dreamy nostalgia you get in the old movies like "gone with the wind"? when there are no gays, where blacks were slaves, mexicans were in mexico. i mean, is this what they want? >> that's precisely the case, chris. what we've found out and come up with reactionary conservative. a regular conservative or mainstream conservative recognizes change is necessary to avoid revolutionary change. reactionary conservative wants to go back in time. in the book we tie tea party to
romney handily won the white vote but the party has been buryied by minority voters. take a look at what exit polls showed president obama took. 94% of the plaque vote. 71% of the hispanic vote and 73% of the asian vote. today the republican base opened three days of meetings and pep rallies at the conservative political action conference outside of washington, d.c. c-pac turned to mario lopez for help. sorry, not that mario lopez from "saved by the bell" but the head of the hispanic leadership fund. here's his idea about how to save the jon from g.o.p. from ms. . >> i believe if we focus on doing a better job of not just small businesses, issues the small business owners but the people that work for small businesses that work for small businesses that represents a huge opportunity for conservatives to make ahead way and start winning national elections. >> michael: lops does have a point. if republicans stopped worrying so much about ceos they just might get more votes. joining me now to break down weather the republican party's base helping or holding the party back is jamelle bouie. w
some in his party to defund president obama's health care law as part of a key government spending bill. >> our goal here is cut spending. it's not to shut down the government. i believe that trying to put obamacare on this vehicle risks shutting down the government. that's not what our goal is. our goal here is to reduce spending. bill: there is clearly disagreement on that front. assuming the senate passes the spending measure the house will have to take it up by the end of the march, march 27th, 12 days from now. that is the day the government's current budget authority will expire. six minutes past the hour. martha: market is on a tear lately, right? it reached another milestone in the bull market recording the 10th straight day of gains on thursday. that is the longist winning streak since november of 1996. very impressive in terms of new highs reached. let's bring in fox business network's charles payne with his thoughts on this. how significant is this run, charles? >> it is extraordinarily significant, in a sense to your point one for the record books so far. there are only coup
to hurt the republican party, they took a real beating with the hispanic vote 71% went to president obama and if they want to stay a major party in america and win national races, presidential races, take over the senate, they are going to have to do a massive shift on immigration that is balanced. looks like people at cpac and tea party are not interested in doing that >> former ambassador and governor and secretary bill richardson. thank you, sir, good to see you. >> thank you, craig, all the best. >>> rapper lil wayne had a seizure, he's in the hospital right now, but apparently feeling well enough to tweet. what he said and how he's doing in just a few moments. >>> also, why is senator mitch mcconnell comparing couple of democrats to the golden girl you you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. s 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not
of perception, between him and some elements of the republican party. and so you get the sense from a lot of people that personally netanyahu and barack obama have not been close, that they have not been on the same page about a lot of things. but they are on the same page. >> the difference, i think, and i couldn't agree with you more, is that netanyahu can say i'm protecting israel, i thought rodney was going to win and that's what i do. >> absolutely. >> supposed to be pro equity itting this court. >> exactly. republican politicians who have used for political expediency, this false characterization of the president all the way to his cairo speech and that has impacted barack obama's -- the opinion of him on the ground in israel and part of what he's doing now is to go over the heads of the leadership and talking heads and get right to the israeli people and form a direct personal bond with them. >> you know, jim, one of the things that was amazing to me is with all of this about the president's hostility to israel and the worse want to deal with israel, you know the president that nev
of his own party determines if we succeed. this was said of speaker boehner. now that obama is appearing to lead from the front, dining with gop senators and practically camping out on capitol hill this week, boehner has become speaker behind. i hear you chuckling there. is john boehner leading from behind now? what are the hard choices he's willing to make that you've heard? >> this is what we've been saying all along. we want the president to do what he said he would do during his campaign. he's already gotten his tax increase. $600 billion. he said he would give us two cuts for every $1 that he got in new revenue. we're ready to have him come to the table with what he promised during the campaign. >> congresswoman, when we look at the dueling budget plans, the democratic plan evenly balanced between revenues and the spending cuts that you talk about. the republican plan is all spending cuts. there is no revenue in there. when we couple that with the new "washington post" abc news poll saying it shows approval, everyone's approval ratings are down but republicans in congress have a who
and thoughts on the future of the republican party and her lunch this week with president obama. >>> plus, they talked about cutting back but now the post office is spending big bucks to send workers to a conference. we will take a closer look at how they are spending your tax dollars, right after the break. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. what's the rush? so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the rd like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ]
're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant president obama is talking about former vice president dick cheney and the growing criticism from both parties over the administration's controversial drone program. at a closed door meeting with democratic senators on tuesday, two senators told politico that the president tried to assure them that his administration has been more open to oversight than the bush administration's, saying "this is not dick cheney we're talking about here." the white house had no comment on the reference. next week, the senate judiciary committee will hold the first of two hearings one to address privacy can concerns, the other to talk about the targeted killing program. i want to bring in congressman keith ellison, co-chair of the congressional progressive congress. >> thanks for having me on. >> i know you've raised your own concerns about this issue and in addition to talking about dick cheney, the president also told the senators he's not involved in drafting the justice department legal counsel memos that justify the use of lethal force agains
their movies instead i buy bullets to go target shooting. the last movie i saw was "2014 obama's america" i wanted to point that out real fast. i'm a republican. a black republican and i never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress. [applause] that is frederick douglas. times change. politics change, policies change, but principles -- principles should never change. [applause] so now i like to introduce the leader of the republican party. elected in 2011 rein releekted overseas the republican r.o.c. he oversaw a democrat mic turn around, rescuing the finances, and implementing the best ground gamest they have ever organized. he is taking the message of frenalt economic opportunity to all states and all communities. i would like to introduce the head of the r.n. exrfment. [applause] -- r.n.c. [applause] >> good afternoon, fellow conservatives. congratulations cpac on your 40th year. i want you to know i feel totally and completely blessed to be with you again for my third straight year. i want you to know that i know that the future of our movement and our
, catholics. it is an interesting block. they don't have like a preferred default party. they were reagan, for eisenhower, for republicans, for bill clinton. somewhat split on obama. i would like to see the president do something dramatically in terms of the new elevation, coronation. i would like to see him go over for it, but i don't know that he will. i think secretary of state will come, joj john kerry, he's roman catholic. i think it would be wonderful if the president went, but i don't think he is. i think he has a sense of distance from the catholic church. they don't gel, i would say, those two point of view. but i would like him to go. i think it would be great if he went. there's a statement of crossing the aisle, if you will. of let's get together. >> let me get back to claudio. he is there for the history unfolding. claudio? >> tamron, hi. i told you earlier on that thousands of people, as soon as they heard the news, they would stream down. ran down here to st. peter's square. not to miss the historic oi occasion. four girls from buffalo, new york, where were you girls when y
a dramatically better future. that ought to be the republican party. [applause] >> we are not the anti-obama movement. we are for the american future with greater safety, freedom and prosperity for all. we are for empowering individuals, not empowering bureaucrats. i think there are dozens, and you can see in the as ever in a newsletter two weeks ago on pioneers of the future versus prisoners of the past, there are dozens of new areas we are about to break and we about to be dramatically better opportunity, and the city and both parties is literally blind to the great potential of this country. but i just want to say one thing and closing. and supposed to matter. we need your help. we need your help, new university, going to sign up we'll start with a course next week on driverless cars. and all the breakthroughs that are coming into one area but will have opportunities of the next few months both on lessons to learn as republicans and on what's going on. i want to close with one point about principles. i do believe that we ought to focus on the right to rise because we want every american t
. president obama arrives in israel for his first visit there as president. we'll go live to jerusalem in just a few minutes. back here at home, some republicans recoil at the party's plans for the future. the chairman is in the hot seat. he'll be here live to counter his critics. >>> plus, senate leader harry reid says democrats will not have an assault weapons ban in their new gun regulation bill. and that is not sitting well with one of the top backers. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, march 20th, 2013. the first day of spring. come on, you like this tie. it's colorful. this is "the daily rundown." i'm luke russert in for chuck todd who is in israel for the president. he'll be joining us from there in a few moments. president obama has arrived in the middle east to begin i had four-day tour of the region. but it's not all pomp and circumstance. difficult issues loom as the leaders prepare for meetings later today. but publicly, the focus is on what president obama called the eternal bond between the two nations. >> the united states of america stands with the state of israel be
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, they are worried about tea party primary challenges. this phenomenon to republicans scared so many people it makes it very difficult to go and agree to the increased revenue obama is demanding especially when they did it last time. i hope they do it. i think the environment is tougher than previous eras. >> all of this, this entire effort is trying to soften the ground for a different approach and negotiations. this is not going to be back room deals between the president and republicans. this is going to happen through regular order. the senate is going to pass something. they are going to meet in conference. the president is not going to have an active hand in this like in the past. >> at some point he has to lead. he has to put things on the table and he's not done it in a serious way. >> i don't think it's fair. he put the question about the inflation index which allows it to go slower. he hasn't gotten as much credit as he deserves. >> we have to leave it there. thanks very much. >>> a classic study about gender bias outdated? we got surprising results. what we found about women and power. >>
president obama wrapped up separate meetings with senate republicans and house democrats of trying to avert a government shutdown on march 27th. meanwhile, the two parties have advanced rival longer term budgets in both houses. the full senate could vote next week on a democratic blueprint that calls for roughly eight trillion dollars in new tax revenues over the coming decade. >> gun control advocates scored a big victory on the assault weapons ban, but not without emotional fireworks between lawmakers. the senate judiciary committee has approved an assault weapons ban that was proposed by california senator dianne feinstein. as she was clearly angry when a matter member of the two- party and senate colleague tried to scold her about the constitution. >> it seems to me that all of us could be seeing are foundational document as the constitution. >> i am not a sixth grader. i have been on this committee for 20 years. i was a mayor for nine years. i walked in and saw people shot. i saw the bodies that were shot with these weapons. i have seen the bullets that and closed. sandy hook youngster
is throwing a lavish party and we got an invitation to go behind the scenes. >> good morning to you. it is 23 minutes after the hour. here's quick look at the headlines for you. a few hours from now president obama will nominate thomas harris as the new labor secretary. he heads the justice department civil rights division. he faced criticism for giving misleading testimony to the u.s. mission on civil rights. he would replace hilda sill lease. instead of eating while you were distracted you are consuming more calories. people who eat meals or snacks watching tv playing games or reading tend to eat more. >> i do believe that study. >> the u.s. postal service is $16 billion in debt and stopping saturday delivery to stay athroat they say. you wouldn't know it by the way the agency is spending millions to send workers to a lavish conference in california and it is happening this week. we have an inside look at the event. >> here at the annual postal forum executives will meet with thousands of shippers and those in the direct mail industry. and then everyone gets to have a good time in stan fran
about president obama. but a cnn poll shows that fewer than half of americans believe israel is an i ally of the united states. dramatically broken down by party lines. republicans felt israel was an ally, only a third of democrats thought so. israel is a major ally of the united states. >>> a michigan grandmother is found guilty of murdering her teenage grandson. they saw the glock that sandra lane used to shoot jonathan hoffman multiple times. lane claims she acted in self defense in an argument with the 17-year-old but prosecutors had this evidence. a 911 call made by hoffman. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> i've been shot. >> what? >> i've just been shot. >> where are you at? okay. how did you get shot? who shot you? >> my grandma shot me. >> your grandma and grandpa shot me? >> my grandma. i'm going to die. [ inaudible ] >> i got shot again. help me. >> you got shot again. are they still there? >> someone get help now. i need help. now! >> are they still there? >> yes. >> i think -- >> lane reportedly faces at least 14 years in prison. >>> it's been 593 days since the united s
, obama care, and we have heard many times the first thing that came out that was said there repeal obama care and when you look at this, are these the ideas that are going to move the party forward? is this new? >> i don't know if it is new, richard, but it is something that if you look at what is going on capitol hill with the budget discussions, paul ryan has a budget out to repeal obama care to save mo money, so that the republicans are not running away from that message, but doubling down on the sort of, you know, the sort of limited spending a and the government is too large and we have a spending problem, and that is a message that is carrying the day. on the other hand, you ran down all of the speakers, and there are some speakers who have been famously left out of this and more moderates like chris christie, and bob mcdonald of virginia and so is this the full republican party and is the debate thorough enough? that is the question that you will see out of here. marco rubio did not address immigration in his speech. these are big issues that are going to be where is the republica
flank. most americans think they are too extreme, they are worried about tea party primary challenges. this phenomenon to sitting republicans scared so many people it makes it very difficult to go and agree to the increased revenue obama is demanding especially when they were forced to capitulate on that last time. i think it's tougher than in previous years. >> but the entire effort is trying to soften the ground for a totally deferent approach in negotiation. this is not going to be back room deals cut between the president and the house republicans. this is going to happen through regular order. they're going to meet in conference and send it to the president. the president is not going to have an active hand in this, the way he has in this. >> at some point, he has to lead. he has to put things on the table. he has not done that on entitlements in a serious way. >> he's put the inflation index, which allows it to go slower. i don't think he got the credit he deserves. >> we're going to leave it there. thanks very much. >>> is a classic study about gender bias outdated? we got surp
-old who ask my father is very young. president obama heads into enemy territory -- that's not exactly fair. at any rate, he is going to the hill for the first time in years as the two parties battle over rival budget plans. the president is also tackling the threat of cyber attacks, just hours after we learn the first lady may have been a victim of a tiger-o-good grief. it's been a long day. victim of a cyber attack herself. keeping the tigers out of washington for now. that's coming up as fox reports live from rome. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful. i've got a lot of paperwork, and time is everything here. that's why i upgraded to sprint direct connect. [ chirp ] and instant push-to-talk nationwide. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done." [ chirp ] with instant push-to-talk, three times the coverage, and android productivity apps. now when you buy one motorola admiral rugged smartphone, for ninety nine ninety nine, you'll get four free for you business. visit a sprint store, or call eight five five, eight seven eight
inside stuff. amy kellogg, thank you very much. president obama back on capitol hill for the third straight day as house and senate leaders battle over rival budget plans. the president has now met with members from parties of both chambers. and mitch mcconnell said it was a quote, great meeting, but senator mcconnell added, we'll see where we go from here. the city that gave us the model t, supplied the allies during two world wars and reinvented soul music is now the biggest city in american history to lose control of its own finances. michigan today appointing an emergency manager to oversee the troubled city of detroit. we knew this could be coming, people had hoped it would get worked out, it hasn't. governor rick snyder tapped bankruptcy expert kevyn orr, he helps with chrysler, but the detroit is a different thing altogether. a budget deficit more than 320 million right now and what that's translating as is things like this. the fire department stretched so thin it's proposed just letting vacant buildings burn if they catch fire. the city cannot afford to keep all of its str
figure and a serious policy figure in the republican party, but the governor's criticism about the budget is spot on. its formulations are not based in reality. obama care has been validated by the court, it was validated in the last election, it is the law of the land. i think that it is important for republicans to communicate clearly to the country about the costs and future of the interest payments on out of control spending, that's an absolute threat to our future prosperity. we're going to have to deal with that as a country. when you put forward the plans and proposals, particularly when you're the minority party, particularly when you're out of power, it ought to be a document that's grounded in reality, in truth telling to the american people. >> reality and truth telling, endangered species in some circles. steve schmidt and howard dean, thank you both for joining me. >> you bet. >>> republican senator rob portman surprised his party this morning with news that he now supports same sex marriage. the reversal comes after his son came out to him. coming up, we look at his reasons
speakers and i found myself in agreement with you, and that is the republican party needs to get tougher. ill h'll be honest, i was surprised when john boehner said he trusted obama. he has been duplicitous and trying to get boehner fired. why would he say he trusts him? >> there are a lot of things we believe in and shouldn't give up on and some of the things i was talking about, i think, attracts people from both the left and right and that's supporting your right to trial by jury, your right to be innocent until proven guilty, these are such time-honored concepts that i think it allows the republican party to get bigger, but our young people want us to stand for something, really stand on principle and i think that's why the filibuster probably helped me to gain enough votes to win in the poll. >> sean: do you identify yourself as more a libertarian conservative? people ask me, i'm a registered conservative in new york, i consider myself a reagan conservative. how do you -- is libertarian fair or-- do you embrace it, what? >> it depends what people mean by it. i use the term constitut
to quote, unquote, evolve and party of stoogy old white men-- >> i know you want to turn this into a republican issue. when obama does it at one point he has a real position, he's for it. >> sure. >> sean: then he's running for president, polls don't show he's in agreement with the american people and then he's against it and gets reelected and now i can be for it again. now what? that is what everything everybody i know, dennis praguer, hates about politicians. god bless her, i like hillary clinton in some ways, i've got to tell you something, that's so phony, i want to read this prompter and tell you. it didn't seem sincere. >> we've got to be clear, it's a flip-flop as they say in the case of the president because he knew it was not popular when he was running in 2008 and he knows it's popular now and that's fine and maybe he sincerely changed his mind, but i believe originally he was for same-sex marriage. the thing is that what you just said is a very important point and i'd like to address it about stoogy old republicans or men or/and women. >> sean: and the republi
in this country to become legal. the week before he defied the hawks in his party to lead a 13-hour filibuster in protest of the obama admission's secretory over its drone war fare program. >> dan senor, you've been involved in republican presidential primaries lately. sorry about that. how would those issues stack up in new hampshire and iowa and south carolina and florida? >> i think the politics, his politics on pure fiscal issues will have tremendous resonance as his father experienced in some primary states and caucus states. i think what is untested is -- from a -- from a political standpoint is his position on foreign policy. his father never really broke through on the neoisolationist politics at the grassroots level beyond a narrow segment of the electorate. rand who i've spent time talking about these issues is much salvier than his father. >> his father blamed in effect u.s. foreign policy for 9/11. i haven't really dug in deep to the cross tabs but i'm guessing that probably doesn't help in western iowa. rand is salvier than that, right? >> sure. talking about the president being i
, there is not a lot of optimism among the three parties, the u.s., israel and the palestinians, that peace negotiators will be back at the table any time soon. >> alex, there have been reports and only reports of chemical weapons in syria. president obama has said that that is his red line. is this conflict overshadowing the visit? >> reporter: we have to be very careful when we talk about chemical weapons. when the white house talks about chemical weapons and red lines, what we believe them to mean are the very potent chemical weapons we know to be in their arsenal, vx, mustard and sarin gas. no indication those have been used and no confirmation that chemical weapons were actually used in these attacks yesterday by allegedly by the rebels and the regime. the white house has said there's no evidence. but despite that, this obviously raises the fears of their use of them falling into the wrong hands, so while the trip won't be overshadowed, it certainly highlights the need to discuss this while here in israel. >> all right. alex marquardt in jerusalem, the world will be watching. thank you for that. >
as a chance to outline their principles and drawing a distinction between president obama, who has yet to release its budget, and their party. they say they have put their principles on paper and this is the starting point for their negotiating process. in all likelihood, even republicans acknowledged their budget has little chance of passing in the senate. senate democrats would admit that their budget has little chance of passing in the house. what house republicans are saying is at least we put our budget down on paper. and they say the president probably and should have done the same a couple months ago. yearsbeen more than 90 since the president's budget has trailed house budgets. host: was there any talk about it was related to the affordable care act and changing medicare and things like that? guest: we saw yesterday that paul ryan was pressed on this issue. it was a tricky moment for him in the press conference. he had to defend including some of the tax increases that have gone into it effect in recent years and explain how he would also get rid of the president's health care
is what it is called. part of a grand bargain. president obama has been pursuing this grand bargain. the idea of replacing the sequester. fair or not, it seems like the leaders of your party are sort of putting all these discussions on a binary track. where the decision will be either we stick with the sequester or we have the grand bargain. i guess i'm curious from your perspective, if those are your two choices, which would you prefer? >> they're not my two choices and i just came from the committee meeting. i will be returning to the budget committee meeting. we are working on a may know budget which will protect the american people which we'll do away with a lot of the loopholes which will be a real contrast to congressman ryan's disastrous budget which will make devastating cuts for working families, low-income families, while lowering taxes for the wealthiest people at a time which wl the rich are doing phenomenally well. one out of four major corporations is paying nothing in taxes. my hope is that we can in fact develop a strong budget which is based on revenue and judicious
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